Would you like to be one of the first people to experience Mental Freedom®?

Mental Freedom provides the information that people
need to grow themselves to be bigger than anything
that ever happens to them.

  • Mental Freedom can liberate you from self-created misery.

  • Are you someone who blames yourself for things that are not your fault?

  • Are you someone who has issues with trust?

  • Do you have things from your past that you blame yourself for?

  • Do you find yourself jumping to negative conclusions without an evidence to back it up?

  • Are you a natural worrier?

  • Do you believe the stories you make up in your head?

  • Do you find that your emotions get the best of you?

Counseling does not have to last a lifetime or even years.

Mental Freedom only takes six sessions. It is designed to teach people what they need to know to help themselves. It can help with any situation, relationship problems, past trauma, career decisions, parenting challenges, addiction & mental health concerns. I have yet to find a situation where Mental Freedom couldn't help.

I am not an advocate of having clients relive their traumas in an attempt to work through them. I don't find it necessary, nor do I think it is helpful.

I believe that clients are not permanently or psychologically damaged from their trauma. I believe they are capable of a full recovery provided that they have good information, come to believe in their own healing powers and develop the skills to continue to move forward in their lives. This is the thinking behind Mental Freedom.


PLEASE NOTE: Complete this form if you are interested in helping with my Mental Freedom research by receiving free or low-cost counseling or coaching.

When you fill out this form, you will either be assigned to Mental Freedom, individual or group, coaching or counseling, or you will be assigned to a control group. The control group will still receive coaching or counseling, but it won’t be Mental Freedom. Both groups will receive six sessions. At the end of the sessions, should you have been placed in the control group, you will still be provided the option of experiencing Mental Freedom with the counselor you just had or with someone else.