Become a Certified Mental Freedom

Mental Freedom® is a psychoeducational practice with six core principles designed to improve hope, self-efficacy, optimism, resilience, and general well-being

  • Are you a helping professional, psychologist or counselor?

  • Are you a therapist, social worker or coach?

  • Do you work with clients either individually or in therapeutic groups?

  • Do you want to teach your clients a process that will help them to self-evaluate, solve their problems and achieve their goals?

  • Are you interested in helping me to create an evidenced-based practice called Mental Freedom?

  • Are you interested in becoming a Certified Mental Freedom practitioner?

1.    Attend all six Mental Freedom sessions and apply what you learn in your own life. This is so you can experience its power, as well as develop your own personal stories to share with your clients. These classes will be offered three times a week from January 26 through March 7, 2023. You will need to attend one of the three 2-hour classes each week.

2.    Agree to the random assignment of your clients to two groups. One group will be the clients you use Mental Freedom with and the second group will consist of clients that you treat as you normally would. (There is no minimum or maximum number of clients. You would simply use Mental Freedom with half of your new clients during the research period.)

3.   Obtain permission from both groups to participate in a research project.

4.  Instruct clients in both groups to complete two pre- and post-assessments—the General Well-being Scale and the Psychological Capital Scale.

5.  The research period will run from your completion of the training through September 15, 2023, during which time you may schedule a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 group supervision sessions with me to discuss your Mental Freedom cases to guide your practice.

6.  With successful sessions, you will be asked to provide at least three stories of significant progress made by individual clients learning Mental Freedom that, with client permission and a name change, can be used in my forthcoming book, Mental Freedom.

7.  After the first two sessions of Mental Freedom, you will be free to withdraw from this research project if you do not like the Mental Freedom process for any reason.

8.  However, after the second session, you are committed to the research process. If you fail to complete the research requirements, you will pay $3000 USD to Kim Olver as payment for learning Mental Freedom. You will also be billed $150 USD/supervision session attended. 

You will also receive 12 CEs for learning Mental Freedom from the state of Illinois for counselors and social workers and the Center for Credentialing & Education for coaches.

If all of the above is agreeable to you, please complete the application on the right to be considered for this opportunity.


In an attempt to provide quantitative research for Mental Freedom, I am looking for mental health professionals to use it in their practice. Learning it will take 12 hours spread out over 6 weeks.