Learning Mental Freedom will provide the foundation you need to use with every client, regardless of their problem. Mental Freedom is a new psychoeducational process with just six (6) sessions and six (6) principles that provide people a new way of thinking that transforms everything in their life. Clients learn to open their hearts, free their minds and transform their lives to become bigger than anything that ever happens to them.

The first step to certification is to take the Mental Freedom Experience for yourself so you can feel the power of the program and experience your own transformation. The next step is to attend six sessions to learn how to process each of the Mental Freedom Experience sessions with your clients. After that, you will receive your licensed copy of the Mental Freedom Curriculum to use with your clients. The final part of your certification program is seven supervision sessions as you go through the Mental Freedom Experience with your clients. These supervision sessions are to plan for the execution of each upcoming session, as well as reporting what happened during the previous session. When you are confident that you are ready to conduct the Mental Freedom Experience independently without supervision, then you are certified and will receive your certificate and digital badge. The Mental Freedom Experience will help you provide your clients the information they need to grow themselves to be bigger than anything that has ever happened, or will happen, to them.

This addition to the skills you already possess as a helping professional will help you achieve even more successes with your clients faster than you ever thought possible. Don't worry that shorter times could hurt your practice. Your clients will be so happy with their results that they will refer you to other people. You have a choice to make. You can keep practicing the way you have been and get the same results or you can invest in learning Mental Freedom principles, while changing your life and the lives of your clients forever.



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Kim Olver, LPCP, NCC, BCC

Award-Winning Author, Leading Choice Theory
Expert & Creator of Mental Freedom

Kim Olver, M.S., LCPC, NCC, BCC has been “counseling” people since the fifth grade, when the other kids from school would call her for advice. It was no surprise to anyone that she went on to study psychology, and then, obtained her masters in counseling because this was clearly her passion and purpose. Her mission is to eradicate all self-created misery on the planet with Mental Freedom. Dedicated to freeing people from their misery, Kim’s passion is helping them recognize they’ve been holding the key to their Mental Freedom the entire time. They just need to learn the information contained within the Mental Freedom Experience so they can walk out of their prison and live their life mentally free.

She is the award-winning author of Secrets of Happy Couples and Choosing Me Now, and an expert on Choice Theory® psychology. She also co-authored Leveraging Diversity at Work with Sylvester Baugh and authored, A Choice Theory Psychology Guide to Relationships for the Choice Theory series produced by Brian Lennon in Ireland. Her forthcoming book, Mental Freedom will be published in January 2024.


  • Provide your current clients with the tools they need to handle whatever happens to them.

  • Teach your clients everything they need for a lifetime of success and freedom in just six sessions.

  • Empower your clients with information that will help them be self-sufficient.

  • Earn a certification that prepares you for you for the work you are doing with real clients.

  • Provide information that will really help your clients function on their own.

  • Provide an alternative to the current system of psychopharmacology and lifetime counseling sessions and use something that really works.

  • Add another tool to your toolbox of skills.

Here is the outline of the Mental Freedom Experience and what your clients will learn:

Session 1

Responsibility vs.

In this session, you will educate clients about what they are responsible for and what others are responsible for. They will also learn about their ability to respond in any situation if they choose to. People decrease their Mental Freedom when they don’t take responsibility for the things that are theirs to be responsible for and when they over-take responsibility for things others are responsible for.

Session 2

The Unconditional Trust Challenge

One of the things that creates the biggest problems in relationships is trusting people for the wrong things. We tend to trust those we care about to be the person we want them to be instead of the person they actually are. In Mental Freedom, clients learn the one thing they can trust people to do. (I’ll give you a hint: it isn’t to be a good person.)

Session 3

Disempowering vs. Empowering Language

In this session, clients learn about language they use that can rob them of their Mental Freedom and they learn to use empowering language instead. One of the main ones that is discussed is have to versus want to. Finding the reason why you do things allows you to never have to do anything again.

Session 4

Changing Your Narrative

We all make up stories in our heads constantly to provide closure in situations where we don’t have the information. The problem with this practice is that the stories we fabricate are often painful. In this session, clients learn to identify their stories and change their narrative to neutral or even positive.

Session 5

Signal vs. Solution

In this session we talk about pain—emotional and physical pain without medical or biological origins. Our pain begins as a signal that we aren’t getting what we want. If we attend to it quickly, that will usually end it, but we usually don’t. We tend to ignore our pain, believing that it might go away, powering through. The problem is the pain usually intensifies. At some point during the process, we come to subconsciously realize there is a benefit to our pain. This benefit keeps us experiencing the pain when we no longer need it. Mental Freedom shows people how to transform their pain into something neutral or even positive.

Session 6

Appreciating the GLOW

What do our life experiences and the elements in the period table of elements have in common? They both have perfect balance. Just like the naturally occurring elements in our world have the same number of protons as electrons or the same positive and negative charge, so too, do our life experiences. Typically, we only experience the painful side, since we are hardwired for negativity, but there is equal positivity in all our pain. I call this GLOW, which is an acronym to help you find the positive within the pain.


Mental Freedom Certification is for counselor, coaches and other helping professionals who are looking for something to take their service delivery to a new level. It involves twelve (12) 2-hour group sessions spread out over six months and then there are seven (7) supervision sessions with Kim while you are running your first Mental Freedom Experience. You begin with the 6-session Mental Freedom Experience for yourself. You have a vested interest in always presenting a flawless life, one where you've got everything together. You are the one people come to for help with their
mental and emotional distress. They don’t want to have their counselor or coach experiencing mental distress, too. You have to keep it together, to show them what it is like to live a life in control. And for the most part, you do. But I have found in almost all the counselors and coaches in my sphere of influence, they all suffer from their own little private hell. Some have children with addiction issues, some are in unhappy marriages or relationships, some struggle with addiction themselves, some are dealing with their own traumas from childhood and others are struggling with work relationships and workload. I like to say, “Everyone has a story, but not all the stories are told.”

Another benefit about becoming certified in Mental Freedom is that I take 10% of everything that is paid for Mental Freedom certification and place it in a scholarship fund so people who cannot afford to make the investment for their own Mental Freedom Experience will still be able to get this life-changing information. You can know that you are helping to achieve that goal with your purchase.

Olver International can award continuing education credits for IL social workers and counselors, which can be used out-of-state if your state will accept them. Please check that prior to registering for CEs, by calling your state's Department of Professional Regulation. We can also award coaching CEs for those with a BCC credential or any other coach who needs CEs and their organization will accept them from a BCC-approved trainer. Please add CEs to your cart upon checkout if you are interested. The Mental Freedom Certification contains 19 CEs. Watch for a later email to let us know if you require CEs.



You will get your Mental Freedom certification for just $3500, normally $6,000, plus all the bonuses valued at up to $6,667! Or you can keep it the way you have it but strike through the $6000.

When you invest in Mental Freedom and
complete your certification, you will receive:

Mental Freedom Certification

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I have space to teach 20 people. Sessions are scheduled for two hours each on the following dates. Please choose one time for each date for part 1 and part 2. Do your best to attend the earlier or later version consistently but you may switch on occasion if necessary.

You may choose your session each day but they will be limited to 10 people so register early to get your preferred time.

Supervision sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time after you begin using Mental Freedom with your clients.

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  • A frameable certificate.

  • A Mental Freedom badge to use on your website, in your email signature or on your social media platform.

  • Membership in our private group for those certified in Mental Freedom for your first six months ($162 Value).

  • Lifetime membership in a private Facebook group for those who have had the six-session Mental Freedom Experience. This is also something you can offer your clients who complete the process. ($2000 Value).

  • An autographed copy of the Mental Freedom book when it comes out in January ($20 Value).

  • A one-on-one Mental Freedom session with me to be used within one year of certification (Valued at $500).

  • A complimentary listing on our Mental Freedom Practitioner/Specialist Directory for the first three years ($75 Value).

  • A digital copy of our Mental Freedom workbook when it becomes available in July ($15 Value).

  • A digital copy of our Mental Freedom journal when it becomes available in 2024 ($20 value).

  • 50% off coupon for any digital programs or products at Olver International to be used by Dec 31, 2024. (Academy of Choice 120-hour coaching program excluded) ($10 - $1948.50 value).

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We offer a 100% money-back guarantee after the first two sessions and you will still receive digital copies of the Mental Freedom book, workbook and journal when they are published, the one-on-one Mental Freedom session with Kim and the 50% off coupon for any digital programs or products at Olver International excluding the Academy of Choice 120-hour coaching program.