Mental Freedom®: The New Psychoeducational Experience that Brings Massive Transformation to Your Clients in Just Six Sessions

If you:

  • Have been feeling like the money you paid for your degree or certifications just haven’t prepared you for the work you are doing with real clients...

  • Have ever suffered from imposter syndrom...

  • Recognize there is something wrong with our current system of psychopharmacology and lifetime counseling session...

  • Are frustrated over the stigma of Mental Health, and by extension, seeing a counselor?

  • Are conversely struggling with the decreasing stigma and the people who come to you feeling like a victim, wanting to talk with you just to get validation that yes, in fact, they are a victim?

  • Want to provide information that will really help your clients function on their own...

  • Are tired of being the one with all the answers and just want a break…

  • Have some of your own issues you are struggling with...

  • Are a lifetime learner and want to add a new skill to your toolbox...

  • Are a counselor or coach looking for continuing education credits...

When you learn how to put a lot of what you already know into the Mental Freedom Experience paradigm, you will be able to handle everything that comes your way, even those things you don’t talk about and it will help you provide your clients with the information they need to grown themselves to be bigger than anything that ever happens to them.

Learning Mental Freedom will provide the foundation you need to use with every client, regardless of their problem. Mental Freedom is a new psychoeducational process with just six (6) sessions and six (6) principles that provide people a new way of thinking that transforms everything in their life. Clients learn to open their hearts, free their minds and transform their lives to become bigger than anything that ever happens to them.

It’s no accident that you are here right now, at this moment. You have been searching for something and something beyond what we can see led you here.

You are ready to become the helper you have always wanted to be. And at any moment in time, you can choose your next step. You can keep doing what you’ve always done and get the same results or you can invest in learning the Mental Freedom Technique and change your life and the lives of your clients forever.


When you know Choice Theory®, and even if you don’t, you know that our lives are comprised of the series of choices we have made. Had you chosen differently on any decision in your life, you would have a completely different life right now. You are just one choice away from becoming that resource for your clients that truly frees them from all their misery.


Meet the Founder

Kim Olver, LPCP, NCC, BCC

Award-Winning Author, Renowned Choice Theory
Expert & Creator of Mental Freedom

Kim Olver, M.S., LCPC, NCC, BCC has been “counseling” people since the fifth grade, when the other kids from school would call her for advice. It was no surprise to anyone that she went on to study psychology, and then, obtained her masters in counseling because this was clearly her passion and purpose. Her mission is to eradicate all self-created misery on the planet with Mental Freedom.

She is the award-winning author of Secrets of Happy Couples and Choosing Me Now, and an expert on Choice Theory® psychology. She also co-authored Leveraging Diversity at Work with Sylvester Baugh and authored, A Choice Theory Psychology Guide to Relationships for the Choice Theory series produced by Brian Lennon in Ireland. Her forthcoming book, Mental Freedom will be published in January 2024.

She is also recognized as an international transformational speaker, having spoken on all continents except Antarctica, and has appeared in 14 different countries and throughout the United States. As a leading expert of Choice Theory, she has taught thousands of people Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory principles and Reality Therapy techniques around the globe. She was certified in 1992, became faculty in 1993, became a Basic Instructor in 1999 and Senior Faculty in 2007.

Kim is also the CEO of InsideOut Press where she helps aspiring authors write, produce, market and sell their books, with a monthly Writers Group and independent publishing services. She is also the creator of Academy of Choice, a board certified coach-approved program leading to the BCC credential for coaches.

Dedicated to freeing people from their misery, Kim’s current passion is helping them recognize they’ve been holding the key to their Mental Freedom the entire time. They just need to learn the information contained within the Mental Freedom Experience so they can walk out of their prison and live their best life.

Once I discovered coaching, it was a better fit for me. I was working with clients who actually wanted help, rather than those who were forced to see me. Coaching focuses on the present and future, rather than the past. It sees clients as capable, instead of traumatized or broken. There is less paperwork and bureaucracy. I watch people quickly progress to the point they no longer need my services. I love coaching!

Then 2020 happened and the world came to a grinding halt. The majority of my business was speaking and training, so you can imagine almost everything I had scheduled was cancelled. I was sitting around with very little to do except watch the news about this virus that was not just sweeping our nation but sweeping the world. The death toll kept rising and it didn’t seem like the CDC knew what to do as new information was discovered almost daily and things just kept changing. It was a horribly uncertain time in the lives of almost everyone. I spent two entire weeks in a paralyzing state of anxiety, before remembering that I knew how to manage emotions that are painful. I had been a student of Choice Theory psychology for 30+ years at that point.

Once I remembered how to gain control with Choice Theory, I started to do things to help. I offered support groups for medical personnels who needed to talk and I held Friday Night Happy Hour to chat with people who were looking for others to talk with. I found a purpose; it felt good.

I then began thinking about all I had learned about Choice Theory and what made it relatively easy for me to navigate Covid when other people were still struggling. I knew it was because I had fully integrated Choice Theory in my life. I, then, began thinking about how I had accomplished that and upon reflection, I realized it was because I had had many inflection points in my life when I used Choice Theory to navigate the difficulties. It was through that navigation that I became well-versed in this psychology of internal, rather than external, control. Choice Theory asks the question, “Whose behavior can you control?” Of course, everyone knows the answer to that—it’s yours. But there’s a second question I like to ask, “Whose behavior do you try to control all day long?” That answer uncovers the dichotomy between what we know in our heads and what we actually do. I realized that I had become quite good at no longer beating my head against a brick wall trying to change others.

Once I recognized that, the next logical question was how. This led me to examine all that I had learned from Dr. William Glasser, the founder of Choice Theory, as well as the circumstances I had experienced in my life. In 1995, my husband was diagnosed with leukemia. He died in 1999, leaving behind me and our two sons, Dave and Kyle, ages 15 and 13 respectively. Dealing with my husband’s illness was the first time I truly leaned into Choice Theory for the answers on how to navigate that. Then, after he died, I was attempting and failing miserably to raise those two, strong-willed teenagers. Even though William Glasser invented Choice Theory, I always credit Kyle with teaching it to me!

Just about the time I felt the parenting thing was working well, Kyle decided he wanted to join the Army and go fight in Iraq. Forgive me, but after losing my husband, this was about the last thing I wanted him to do. However, once again, I remembered Choice Theory and how we are supposed to support people instead of influence them to do what we want them to do to make our lives better so I took him to the recruiter’s office and signed the papers, since he was a week shy of his 18th birthday. You can believe, I also needed Choice Theory to survive his first, and second, deployments to Iraq. He was infantry and was involved in some dangerous things while there.

In 2016, I found myself in Arizona with a free day so I decided to go up in a hot air balloon; it was on my bucket list. I went by myself with five couples and the pilot. It was a beautiful experience until we had a difficult landing and I broke both my legs. The right one wasn’t too bad but the left one was broken in three places and required a good bit of hardware to put me back together again. I was in a wheelchair for two months and needed Choice Theory once more to help me through the rehab and learning to walk again.

I already mentioned using Choice Theory to manage myself through Covid and a serious loss of income. You could say I became an expert at integrating it into my life.

It was from this foundation that Mental Freedom was born. I synthesized everything I have learned through my 30+-years practice of Glasser’s Choice Theory and created Mental Freedom, a powerful psychoeducation process that can be implemented in counseling or coaching. What distinguishes the two is how you process the information—the counselor will be dissecting feelings, exploring the past and ascertaining the why of the information; the coach will be looking at thoughts and behaviors, processing the present and future goals and planning the what and how.

This is why I'm so passionate about offering Mental Freedom

Since the 80s, I’ve been traveling around the world teaching people Choice Theory and Reality Therapy to use with their clients. I’ve literally taught thousands of people these powerful ideas of William Glasser’s. But I still found people were struggling with things that Choice Theory could help them with if they were able to translate the theory into actionable steps to help them manage:

  • Relationships that weren’t working.

  • Children that were making decisions with the power to ruin their lives.

  • Managers and jobs that were sucking them dry.

  • Addiction

  • The blocks that kept them from reaching their potential.

  • Feeling inadequate to help the people in their lives with their problems.

  • Hating themselves for that

One day in 2020 during the pandemic, I created the process I am now calling Mental Freedom that is the magical formula for taking the steps necessary to stop looking at the outside world for our satisfaction and happiness and to start looking in the mirror and inside ourselves for what we need. Once people do that, it’s amazing to watch how their lives transform.

By learning and following the Mental Freedom formula, so many people are already living a Mentally-Free Life. They’ve had transformations in their romantic relationships, with their children, with their parents, at work and more. One person, in particular has, as of this writing, had 141 days of sobriety for the first time since he started using.

I know how bad it feels ending a session with a client, knowing that nothing has fundamentally changed, and while you
provided a brief reprieve from everyday life, you know they are leaving your office to deal with the same pain they have always dealt with. Mental Freedom provides actionable steps to build and strengthen your clients’ resilience. They learn to think about things differently and not just in a CBT-structured way.

With Mental Freedom there is no stigma to come to see a professional for information they need to be stronger. And Mental Freedom takes the idea of the victim identity and destroys it! Yes, anyone can be victimized, but remaining a victim is a choice that empowers the perpetrator to continue the abuse, in absentia, every day. Learning Mental Freedom obliterates that.

I remember talking with a clinical psychologist who works with military veterans. He told me that he often wakes up in the middle of the night from a dream of him being in combat but he’s never served himself. He listens to so much trauma all day with such a high degree of empathy that he has vicarious trauma.This will not happen with Mental Freedom. Yes, you can hear your clients’ traumas but with the tools available, they won’t stay stuck there.

With Mental Freedom, you are teaching clients what they can do to rise above and handle anything that ever happened to them, or will happen in the future.

One of the highs in any counselors’ or coaches’ sessions is when they can see the lightbulb go off in their clients’ eyes and brains. It’s a moment where you know it’s all worth it. You’ve had a breakthrough. Imagine having lightbulb moments in every single session!


Do you sometimes struggle with scheduling your calendar with clients? Imagine how easy it will be when your current clients tell everyone they know about how much you helped them in just six sessions! My very first Mental Freedom individual client got so much benefit, he referred his best friend for sessions and even paid for sessions for his friend who wasn’t going to pay for them on her own. That was incredible but the referrals keep coming, which is one of the reasons, I need some more certified people. I currently have more clients than I want, especially since I am in creation mode.

Here is the outline of the Mental Freedom program and what your clients will learn:

Session 1

Responsibility vs.

In this session, you will educate clients about what they are responsible for and what others are responsible for. They will also learn about their ability to respond in any situation if they choose to. People decrease their Mental Freedom when they don’t take responsibility for the things that are theirs to be responsible for and when they over-take responsibility for things others are responsible for.

Session 2

The Unconditional Trust Challenge

One of the things that creates the biggest problems in relationships is trusting people for the wrong things. We tend to trust those we care about to be the person we want them to be instead of the person they actually are. In Mental Freedom, clients learn the one thing they can trust people to do. (I’ll give you a hint: it isn’t to be a good person.)

Session 3

Disempowering vs. Empowering Language

In this session, clients learn about language they use that can rob them of their Mental Freedom and they learn to use empowering language instead. One of the main ones that is discussed is have to versus want to. Finding the reason why you do things allows you to never have to do anything again.

Session 4

Changing Your Narrative

Session 5

Signal vs. Solution

Session 6

Appreciating the GLOW

We all make up stories in our heads constantly to provide closure in situations where we don’t have the information. The problem with this practice is that the stories we fabricate are often painful. In this session, clients learn to identify their stories and change their narrative to neutral or even positive.

In this session we talk about pain—emotional and physical pain without medical or biological origins. Our pain begins as a signal that we aren’t getting what we want. If we attend to it quickly, that will usually end it, but we usually don’t. We tend to ignore our pain, believing that it might go away, powering through. The problem is the pain usually intensifies. At some point during the process, we come to subconsciously realize there is a benefit to our pain. This benefit keeps us experiencing the pain when we no longer need it. Mental Freedom shows people how to transform their pain into something neutral or even positive.

What do our life experiences and the elements in the period table of elements have in common? They both have perfect balance. Just like the naturally occurring elements in our world have the same number of protons as electrons or the same positive and negative charge, so too, do our life experiences. Typically, we only experience the painful side, since we are hardwired for negativity, but there is equal positivity in all our pain. I call this GLOW, which is an acronym to help you find the positive within the pain.

I would be typing for days to share all the benefits clients are receiving from Mental Freedom, but I’ll share a few from my own clients as well as the clients of the people who are already using Mental Freedom in their work. I have 23 trained counselors and coaches who are part of my research, using Mental Freedom with half of their clients and their regular treatment with the other half. I’ve changed names to protect confidentiality.

  • Rusty is a counselor that works at a drug & alcohol rehab. One of his Mental Freedom clients, let’s call him Joe, was 30 years old and had been to rehab 20 times already, even to the one where Rusty worked. He had a habit of leaving before completion but when he learned Mental Freedom, he stayed. Not only did he successfully complete rehab, he also agreed to go to a halfway house, something he had never done before. The other men at the house decided not to go to their meeting one night so they could get high. Joe still went to the meeting but when he arrived, he learned it was being cancelled because no one else had showed up. It would have been easy for Joe to go home and get high with his house mates, but he didn’t. He reported going in his room and holding his own meeting with his Mental Freedom information and the Big Book. On that day, he had 141 days sobriety, something he has never experienced since he began using.

  • Maryam is a coach who is using Mental Freedom with some of her military clients. She had a male client who had been in a 7-year relationship with a woman who had been cheating on him from the beginning of their marriage but he stayed with her because he felt responsible for her. After his second Mental Freedom session, he filed for divorce because he realized he was responsible for his own happiness, not hers. That is her job.

  • I worked with a man who is a counselor and a professor at a local university. He told me after his first session, that Mental Freedom had changed his life. After his second session, he said Mental Freedom had completely changed his relationship with his mother and after his third session, he said he successfully faced a severe anxiety disorder he had been dealing his most of his adult life and couldn’t believe what he was able to do. He hadn’t even told me he had an anxiety disorder! He was so happy with the Mental Freedom Experience that he referred a one friend and paid for another to have sessions.

I created this program and even I am surprised by the results. In 2020 and 2021, I ran some beta groups, mostly with people who were either certified or faculty members in Choice Theory psychology. Even though they knew Choice Theory, many made the comment they had never thought of Choice Theory in the way I had laid it out.

The information in this program is not all new. Some of it you have already been working with but the six sessions of the Mental Freedom Experience are laid out in such a way as to build on each other. At the end of the content delivery for the session, you ask your clients, “Where in your life do you need to apply this information?” There is always an answer. It might be the presenting problem or it could be something completely different.

I was just working with a woman who came to me because she hated her job. I told her I wanted to teach her Mental Freedom before we dove differently into the job and she agreed. After the second session, it became apparent the real challenge was the way she had been relating to her husband and hating the job is where she was allowing herself to feel the discontent. When I would ask, “Where do you need to apply this information,” her answer was always in her marriage. She would not have been able to present with that issue because it was too painful for her to admit.

While not all the information in this program is new, I can almost guarantee 100%, some of it will be. There are specifically two lessons that go against conventional wisdom: The Unconditional Trust Challenge and Signal vs. Solution: Painful Emotions and Body Pains without a Medical Cause. These two

lessons almost always create cognitive dissonance because they go against what you have been taught in your counseling and coaching programs. It’s information that grew from Choice Theory and my experiences. Once the dissonance dissipates, epic learning occurs. One counselor in my session said, “Wow, this is so obvious and common sense, but I’ve never heard this before. It’s such a game changer. Now that I know this, I can’t unknow it and it will help so many people.”

As a counselor or coach, have you ever had a client come to you telling you that counseling doesn’t work for them? I was once supervising a counselor who told me that she had recently gained three new clients who had come from three different counselors and every one of them described their counselor as someone who just held their hand while they cried! I’m not against the occasional touch of comfort, but if all a counselor is doing week after week is holding their clients’ hands while they cry, in my opinion, that is unethical. With Mental Freedom, you are providing a proven structure with an actionable system that clients can use to solve any problem they’re currently experiencing, as well as ones that may arise in the future.

You will be able to teach Mental Freedom in groups, as well as individually. It has worked really well in groups because people only disclose what they want to share and it feels like a class, instead of therapy, but make no mistake, Mental Freedom is incredibly therapeutic.

Another benefit of using Mental Freedom is setting the value of your clients’ investment. What would Mental Freedom be worth to you? Most people say that Mental Freedom is invaluable. I agree. I started charging $1800 for the six sessions, which comes to $300/session. This is a bit higher than most people charge for a normal session but if you think about how long most people stay in counseling, by the time they pay their co-pays, they are spending a lot of money anyway as well as a whole lot of their time. $1800 and six sessions seems like a bargain for someone’s Mental Freedom. I plan to increase that price to $3000 once the research validates the efficacy of Mental Freedom.

Perhaps the best thing that comes from you being certified in Mental Freedom is that you get to have your own Mental Freedom Experience. I can’t think of a more deserving group than counselors and coaches. You spend all your time helping others deal with the challenges in their lives and need to have it together to be able to do that. However, when you are struggling with something in your life, what do you do? Do you have your own therapist or coach? If you do, great! Can you imagine getting all the information you need to forever be able to handle whatever happens to you in just six sessions?

Mental Freedom helps clients open their hearts (sessions 1 and 2), free their minds (sessions 3 and 4) and transform their lives (sessions 5 and 6) so they can grow themselves to be bigger than anything that ever happens to them. You will have that experience for yourself on your path to becoming certified!

Mental Freedom doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges in your clients’ lives anymore, but it does mean that when those challenges occur, they will be well-equipped to handle them. If an event occurs that sidelines a client for a time, Mental Freedom helps them find their center much more quickly than they would with most regular counseling interventions.

"It is hard to tell where Choice Theory ends and I begin. Choice Theory is no longer something I teach, a tool for my toolbox or something I do. It has become my toolbox and is essentially who I am."

I learned Choice Theory for the first time in 1987, got certified in 1992, became an instructor in 1993 and have been senior faculty since 2006. I am a leading expert in Choice Theory, its teaching, application and integration. I not only understand it, I live it. You will be hard pressed to see me in any setting acting against these time-tested principles.

I have been told I have a gift for taking complex material and breaking it down into pieces that can be easily understood by someone who doesn’t already have a masters degree and 30+ years experience in the field.

When you become certified in Mental Freedom, you will receive supervision from me personally. Eventually, the training and supervision will be done by my certified trainers but registering for this round guarantees you will be trained by me.

Mental Freedom Certification involves six 2-hour group sessions spread out over three months. You begin with the 6-session Mental Freedom Experience for yourself. I created Mental Freedom with counselors and coaches in mind. We have a vested interest in always being together. We are the ones people come to for help with their mental and emotional distress. They don’t want to have their counselor or coach experiencing mental distress, too. We have to keep it together, to show them what it is like to live a life in control. And for the most part, we do. But I have found in almost all the counselors and coaches in my sphere of influence, they all suffer from their own little private hell. Some have children with addiction issues, some are in unhappy marriages or relationships, some struggle with addiction themselves, some are dealing with their own traumas from childhood and others are struggling with work relationships and workload. I like to say, “Everyone has a story, but not all the stories are told.”

Mental Freedom has the capacity to help so many people across the globe. In my research group, I had therapists and coaches from Australia, Canada, India, Iran, Kuwait, Poland, Turkey, and the United States. Both individualistic and collectivistic cultures were represented. Mental Freedom seems to be equally applicable in both cultural groups but the research will tell the story. Mental Freedom won’t be for you if you believe that trauma “breaks” people. It won’t be for you if one of the first things you think of is a referral to the psychiatrist for medication. It won’t be for you if you work to help your clients understand that they will need counseling for the rest of their lives. It this is how you think, then please, don’t sign up for this program. You are going to hate it, and quite frankly, I don’t believe I’ll enjoy sharing it with you. I am only looking for people who aren’t afraid to empower their clients with information that will help them be self-sufficient.

Some people have said they will go out of business if they only see clients six times. I can understand this concern but I will also tell you, the exact opposite will happen. Can you imagine how many clients you will get from word of mouth? Your clients won’t be afraid to tell everyone they know about Mental Freedom because they will be so happy with the results. They won’t be ashamed for going to a counselor because you are communicating the message that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Whatever has happened to them or whatever they are doing that is creating their misery is a common response to extraordinary events. There is nothing wrong with them. All that is wrong is that they don’t have the information they need to get better. Teach them Mental Freedom so they will have the information. All that’s left is for them to use it to experience its phenomenal results!

I also tell my clients that I will teach them what they need for a lifetime of success and freedom but they may want a few more sessions just to get the individualized attention in their specific circumstances. They may need some additional support as they attempt to apply the concepts. “Old habits die hard” is an expression for a reason. I stop sessions when they tell me they are ready, always with the understanding that if something comes up in the future that they are having a hard time applying Mental Freedom principles to, no problem, they can come back for a few sessions to get back on track.

Believe me, you won’t need those clients who are so dependent upon you that you will never discharge them. The satisfaction of successfully discharging a client with an arsenal of tools to be Mentally Free forever is such an amazing feeling. Imagine doing that week after week!

You might think Mental Freedom won’t work with the population you are serving. When I put the call out for counselors and coaches to be the first to learn Mental Freedom, I had 40 people interested. Not everyone followed through, but in the end, I trained 23 amazing people to use Mental Freedom in their work in a variety of service areas: parenting, couples, private practice, military, education, unhoused, business, domestic violence, addictions, diversity, and prison reintegration.

I will admit that in order to benefit from Mental Freedom, a client must have reasonable cognitive abilities. I wouldn’t use it with children under five, people with severe autism, those with severe intellectually challenges, or people with dementia or brain disease affecting their reasoning capacity.

Please don’t let money be the reason for not investing in this certification. We have payment plans which you will see below that make it affordable. You can pay in full today or you can take up to one year to pay.

Olver International can award continuing education credits for IL social workers and counselors, which can be used out-of-state if your state will accept them. Please check that prior to registering for CEs, by calling your state's Department of Professional Regulation. We can also award coaching CEs for those with a BCC credential or any other coach who needs CEs and their organization will accept them from a BCC-approved trainer. Please add CEs to your cart upon checkout if you are interested. The Mental Freedom Certification contains 19 CEs. Watch for a later email to let us know if you require CEs.

Whether you use Mental Freedom exclusively or want to add it as a tool in your toolbox, don’t spend one more session doing work without big results. Mental Freedom always delivers! If you have been feeling like you know there must be more to helping people make changes in their lives, then Mental Freedom is it.

Another thing that’s special about becoming a Mental Freedom counselor or coach, I take 10% of everything that is paid for my Mental Freedom program and place it in a scholarship fund so people who cannot afford to pay the price for Mental Freedom sessions will still be able to get this life-changing information. You can know that you are helping to achieve that goal with every purchase.

Certification begins with you having your own Mental Freedom Experience. You can share your story if you want to, but it isn’t required. In fact, clients don’t even have to tell their stories. How many times have you had a client come to you with a presenting problem only to learn that that was not the issue at all? Mental Freedom provides ALL the information needed to live a mentally-free life. This information is priceless! You teach the lessons and then ask, “Where in your life can you apply this information? Then the client puts the information to use. The same happens in your Mental Freedom Experience. You get the information and then decide where you want to implement it. Everything is completely your choice.

Once the six sessions are complete, you will receive the Mental Freedom Curriculum with everything written out for you if you want to use it. I teach Mental Freedom by sharing a lot of relatable stories, most of them mine. You are provided my stories, which you can use as the founder’s stories but I encourage you to collect your own stories which will help you teach with passion. Mental Freedom involves being transparent with your clients. They need to see that you’re human and have been through the same process you are guiding them through. Clients love seeing a living, breathing example of Mental Freedom in action and the good news is that you don’t have to be perfect at it. No one is looking for perfection. The question is, “Are you freer than your clients and can you show them the way to increase their degree of Mental Freedom?"

No one is required to put any of the information in the Mental Freedom Experience to use if they don’t want to. Each lesson is an invitation, not a mandate. The idea is, accept all invitations and you will get the key to the cell you’ve put yourself in; accept some of Mental Freedom and not all, no problem, you’ll get released from your cell for some parts of your day. You will have partial Mental Freedom. Do none of Mental Freedom, remain in your victim role and you will stay imprisoned. Perhaps it feels safer there. It is not our job to judge or try to pry people away from their self-created misery.

Everything anyone does is done for a reason. People can get a lot of mileage from misery, so it’s hard to relinquish sometimes, especially when it’s become a habit. Big Pharma, psychiatrists and some counselors make big profits off this misery. When someone wants to stay a victim, they can be medicated and in therapy for the rest of their lives and are convinced they need it. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! People are capable of overcoming whatever has happened in their lives with the right mindset, information, and support.

Once you’ve completed your Mental Freedom Experience and received the Curriculum, you can begin using it with your clients. In order to become certified, you need to complete seven supervision sessions with me—one before you begin and then one following each lesson. I will provide feedback, offer ways you can improve your delivery and processing and especially celebrate your wins with you. Once supervision is complete, you will receive your certification certificate and a Mental Freedom badge.

You will receive a 63-page curriculum to use with your clients. It is a scripted version of what was presented to you, as well as what I share with my clients. I even include the powerful stories I share. When I teach, I teach with stories. You have permission to use my stories as long as you don’t try to present them as your own, but I actually encourage you to collect your own even more powerful stories to share—more powerful because you experienced them. I do not require you to use the curriculum verbatim. You may, if that’s your preference, but I imagine you may want to modify it to fit what makes sense to you. I have provided you my entire process, but I encourage you to make it your own.

When you become certified in Mental Freedom, the learning never ends. You will be invited to our learning group for our certified counselors and coaches where I do a live recording every week, followed by a Q&A.

My lifetime goal is to free millions of people from their self-created misery with Mental Freedom. Of course, I won’t live long enough to impact that many people by myself. I need others who are willing to help. This is why I’m offering to teach other people who are aligned with my vision that people with mental distress are not “sick,” “diseased” or “disordered.” Even high performers can suffer from self-created misery; they usually just keep it hidden.

My goal is to eliminate this pain from people’s lives with Mental Freedom. I want you to get in on the ground floor of this phenomenal extension of what Dr. Glasser began. I want to begin this Mental Freedom Movement with you!

We are currently in the middle of collecting the data for Mental Freedom and the counselors and coaches are reporting amazing results. I can’t wait for the data to be crunched. I know the results will be significant.

In the meantime, while we’re waiting to achieve evidence-based practice status, I am extending this special offer only to those on my mailing list and my connections on social media. Mental Freedom Certification is going to be valued at $5,997 as soon as the research is complete, but for this one-time offer, your investment will be $2,997! That’s 50% off this results-driven methodology. I’m offering it to you, the people I know who are committed to freeing people from their self-created misery, for just $2,997 before the research is complete and the investment to become certified in Mental Freedom will double. This low price will never be offered again.

If you have been looking for that one thing that can qualify you as a top-rate counselor or coach or if you are looking for a new tool for your toolbox, Mental Freedom is for you. Don’t wait for the price to go up. Start your journey to Mental Freedom today by completing the form below.

Another benefit about becoming certified in Mental Freedom is that I take 10% of everything that is paid for Mental Freedom certification and place it in a scholarship fund so people who cannot afford to make the investment for their own Mental Freedom Experience will still be able to get this life-changing information. You can know that you are helping to achieve that goal with your purchase.

When you invest in Mental Freedom and
complete your certification, you will receive:

  • A frameable certificate.

  • A Mental Freedom badge to use on your website, in your email signature or on your social media platform.

  • Membership in our private group for those certified in Mental Freedom for your six months ($282 Value).

  • Lifetime membership in a private group for those who have had the six-session Mental Freedom Experience. This is also something you can offer your clients who complete the process. ($2000 Value).

  • An autographed copy of the Mental Freedom book when it comes out in January ($20 Value).

  • A one-on-one Mental Freedom session with me to be used within one year of certification (Valued at $500).

  • A complimentary listing on our Mental Freedom Practitioner/Specialist Directory for the first three years ($75 Value).

  • A digital copy of our Mental Freedom workbook when it becomes available in 2024 ($20 Value).

  • A digital copy of our Mental Freedom journal when it becomes available in 2024 ($20 value).

  • 50% off coupon for any digital programs or products at Olver International to be used by Dec 31, 2024. (Academy of Choice 120-hour coaching program excluded) ($10 - $1948.50 value).

  • And if you register by August 15, 2023, then you will also get a 50% off coupon to share with a friend for any digital programs or products at Olver International to be used by Dec 31, 2024 (Academy of Choice 120-hour coaching program excluded) ($10 - $1948.50 value)

You will get your $5,997 Mental Freedom certification for just $2,977 plus all the bonuses valued at up to $6,667!

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee after the first two sessions and you will still receive digital copies of the Mental Freedom book, workbook and journal when they are published, the one-on-one Mental Freedom session with Kim and the 50% off coupon for any digital programs or products at Olver International excluding the Academy of Choice 120-hour coaching program.

P.S. Mental Freedom only comes when you take responsibility for what’s yours and release what isn’t.  

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