Mental Freedom is psychoeducational, meaning it's more like a class than counseling or coaching. In just six sessions, it provides you with all the principles that, when applied, will vanquish any of the challenges and associated misery you may be experiencing. Even if you are clear your misery is caused by others, not you, applying these principles will help you better manage the things others are doing that are making your life difficult. 


This FREE masterclass will:


1. Tell you who Mental Freedom is for, and who won't benefit.

2. Outline the 3-Step OFT Process of Mental Freedom.

3. Explain the six principles of the Mental Freedom Experience.

4. Convince you not to wait one more day without these important concepts working for you in your life.


There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

These are the dates of the Mental Freedom Experience:

Two times per day: Choose one time per day, 2pm or 8pm EST

April 2nd

April 16th

May 7th

May 28th

June 11th

June 25th

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